Third Party Business Partners

Indivior values its relationships with third party partners. Check out the resources below for more information on working with Indivior. 

Third-Party Code of Conduct 

The Third-Party Code has been prepared to communicate the standards of conduct that Indivior expects of its third parties. It also states what third parties should expect from Indivior during the performance of our business relationships. It aims to assist in the development and maintenance of the relationships that Indivior possesses with this critical group of business partners. This code is consistent with Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative Principles for Responsible Supply Chain Management. These principles outline industry expectations of the supply chain in ethics, human rights and labor, health and safety, environment, and related management systems.  

You can download the Third Party Code of Conduct here: Third Party Code of Conduct


Third Party Travel & Expense Guidelines

In keeping with Indivior’s Guiding Principles of honesty and integrity, and to ensure that Indivior resources are used to focus on patient’s needs, third parties are expected to exercise good judgment when utilizing Indivior funds. Any reimbursement by Indivior is subject to the limitations specified in the guidelines.

You can download the Third Party T&E Guidelines here: Third Party T&E Guidelines