Addictions are chronic brain diseases that can be treated medically

Opiant is a pharmaceutical company with a mission to create best-in-class medicines for the treatment of addictions and drug overdose.
We are headquartered in Santa Monica, with additional offices in London, UK.


Patient Population with Addictions and Drug Overdose

Over 20 million people are affected by addictions and drug overdose in the United States.

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with emergency room visits with Acute Cannabinoid Overdose

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with Alcohol Use Disorder

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with Opioid Use Disorder and 48k opioid-related overdose deaths annually


Effective Medicines with Optimized Delivery Solutions

Opiant takes several approaches to treating addictions and drug overdose, with the goal of using the optimal pathway for drug delivery. Although we’ve demonstrated our core competency in intranasal delivery with NARCAN® Nasal Spray and have expanded that usage to our clinical pipeline in overdose and addiction, we are exploiting more effective delivery options for our preclinical programs and their respective indications.

  • Nasal Sprays – single-use for overdose and ‘as-needed/on-demand’ for Alcohol Use Disorder
  • Injection – a vaccine for heroin and single-use for Acute Cannabinoid Overdose
  • Implant – lasting up to 6 months for Opioid Use Disorder



Our Pipeline

In response to a growing public health need, Opiant is developing products to treat addictions and drug overdose.

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