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Effective Medicines Using Optimized Delivery Solutions for Combating Addiction

Opiant takes several different approaches to treating addictions and drug overdose, with the goal of using the optimal pathway for drug delivery.

Nasal spray container

Nasal Spray Delivery

Rapid Onset, Easy to Use and Portable 

Opioid Overdose – Nasal sprays are particularly effective for our drug overdose programs, as evidenced by our NARCAN® Nasal Spray. Significant advantages of administering an opioid antagonist nasally include the rapid onset of action, ease of use and willingness to use relative to an injection. 

Alcohol Use Disorder – Nasal sprays are equally effective for our AUD program.  This ‘as needed/on-demand’ dosing and rapid absorption reduce the burden of taking a regularly-scheduled dose, giving the patient more control with the potential of improving medication adherence and tolerability. 


Rapid Onset, Large-Molecule Suitability 

Heroin Vaccine – This novel approach to treat Opioid Use Disorder not only provides long-acting “protection” against heroin, but it can also be used in conjunction with other approved medications to treat OUD. Blocking the high of heroin may help eliminate the motivation for many recovering addicts to relapse into drug use, while potentially avoid the negative side effects of OUD medications.

Acute Cannabinoid Overdose – The slow absorption of oral drinabant makes it impractical for a rapid reversal of ACO in an emergency department setting.  Therefore, we are formulating an injectable form to combat this growing problem.  

Long-Acting Implant

Opioid Use Disorder Implant – Because addiction is a chronic, relapsing disorder, many patients do not remain in therapy. A long-acting implant of up to 6 months can improve compliance, protect from overdoses and permit the patient to “unlearn” some of the OUD behaviors.