Nasal Spray Delivery Technology

Opiant’s opioid antagonist nasal spray technology can be used to treat a range of substance use disorders and drug overdose. A major advantage of administering an opioid antagonist nasally is the rapid onset of action, similar to an injection.  For example, a recent brain imaging study demonstrated greater than 90% of mu opioid receptors were rapidly occupied following a 4mg dose of intranasal naloxone. This rapid onset enables  a patient to administer the treatment  either while in an environment associated with unwanted behavior (e.g., at a restaurant or bar) or anticipating an unwanted behavior. This ‘as needed’ dosing reduces the burden of taking a regularly-scheduled dose, giving the patient more control with the potential of improving medication adherence and tolerability.  The speed of delivery and onset following intranasal dosing maximizes the potential for disrupting the activation of reward circuitry, reducing the frequency of unwanted behaviors over time.

Opiant’s NARCAN® (naloxone HCl) Nasal Spray has revolutionized the treatment of opioid overdose by allowing both first responders and lay bystanders to use a drug that could previously only be administered by trained individuals as an injection.  This easy-to-use intranasal delivery device does not need priming, and effectively delivers its dose in a multi-directional manner. Data from the pivotal study was published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and demonstrated an onset of action as rapid as an intramuscular injection.  Eliminating the need for injection also avoids the potential for needle-stick accidents, making Opiant’s naloxone nasal spray safer, and increases the willingness of bystanders, friends and family to administer this life saving treatment.

Opiant is also developing OPNT002, a nasal opioid antagonist for AUD.  With its innovative opioid antagonist nasal spray technology, Opiant is primed to become a leader in addressing the unmet treatment needs of substance use disorder and drug overdose.