As we continue to battle Covid-19, we also must not forget those suffering from substance use disorders who are especially vulnerable during these tumultuous times.

Social distancing, shelter in place orders and quarantines make treatment for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) more difficult, putting those making progress addressing their OUD more vulnerable. Many will experience feelings of anxiety, worry, stress or fear which can also negatively impact mental health, and in turn OUD and overdoses.

We donated $40,000 to four programs stepping forward to help those most vulnerable: the International Association of Fire Fighters Foundation, the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, the Harm Reduction Coalition and the UK’s Action on Addiction.

“These incredible organizations reflect our continued commitment to treat those living with addiction and who might be at risk of overdose,” said Roger Crystal, President and CEO. “We can all help, too. If you know anyone currently in isolation who may be vulnerable to substance disorders, consider checking in on them. You can make a difference.”