Wim van den Brink

Dr. van den Brink received his MD in 1981 from the Free University in Amsterdam. After his psychiatric residency in Groningen (1981-1986), he was a fellow at the Psychiatric Epidemiology Training program at Columbia University in New York. In 1989 he received his PhD from the State University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Since 1992 he has been a full professor of Addiction Psychiatry at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam. He is also the director of the Amsterdam Institute for Addiction Research (AIAR). His main scientific interests are related to the neurobiology of substance use disorders and behavioral addictions, the pharmacological treatment of substance use disorders and related comorbidities, and the reduction of stigma regarding patients with an addiction.

In 2014 he received the lifetime achievement award for science from the Netherlands Association of Psychiatry and in 2015 he was granted the status of honorable member of the Spanish Society for Dual disorders. He is a (co)author of more than 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers (HI=56) and has been a thesis advisor of 65 PhD students. He is currently one of the chief-editors of European Addiction Research. He has been the chair of the Workgroups that developed the Dutch Interdisciplinary Treatment Guidelines on Alcohol Use Disorders and Opiate Addiction. He is one of the founders and the president of the International Collaboration of ADHD and Substance Abuse (ICASA). Until 2015 he was the chair of the Scientific Program Committee of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP).