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Patients & Families

Opiant Pharmaceuticals was founded with the goal of creating pharmacotherapies to treat addictions and drug overdose. Most current addiction treatments are ineffective and for patients and families, definitive treatment options cannot happen fast enough. Having a loved one or living oneself with addiction is an affliction difficult to fathom. The impact it has on the patient, on the family, and on the caregivers are marked. Our challenge is to strike the right balance in advancing our programs – to move quickly with the urgency that these diseases demand without exposing our patients to unnecessary risks.

We cannot ensure: that our experiments and trials will work, that every patient with addiction disorders will be eligible for our clinical trials, and that every patient in our clinical trials will have a successful outcome.

However, we can ensure: that the voices, needs, and hopes of our patients, families, caregivers, and researchers will be ingrained in our programs, that we will communicate both our successes and failures with absolute transparency, and that we will continue to seek and develop treatments for addictions. Together, with the help of patients, families, advocacy groups, medical professionals, key opinion leaders, government and industry collaborators, we believe we can make a difference for those afflicted with addiction disorders.

Clinical trials 

Opiant Pharmaceuticals is developing medicines to treat addictions and drug overdose.  Hence, as part of this mission, we conduct clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of our drugs. To learn more about our clinical programs, please visit www.clinicaltrials.gov.