Nasal Spray Delivery Technology

Opiant’s opioid antagonist nasal spray technology could be adapted for a broad range of substance use, addictive, and eating disorders. The advantage of an intranasal opioid antagonist treatment is its rapid efficacy. Patients could administer the treatment just prior to unwanted behaviors being carried out. The speed of delivery maximizes the chance of disrupting reward circuitry activation, reducing the frequency of unwanted activity over time.

Currently, to treat opioid overdose, opioid antagonist treatments are limited to injection administered by specially trained healthcare professionals. Opiant has developed a naloxone nasal spray treatment which has the potential to be more broadly used. Opiant’s naloxone nasal spray for opioid overdose is an easy-to-use device that does not need priming and can be used in a multidirectional manner. It is well-suited for treating an overdose, especially when the patient is lying flat. Additionally, it is an improvement over injectable treatments as it does not require needles. Eliminating needles makes Opiant’s naloxone nasal spray safer for anyone using it and increases the probability and willingness of bystanders, friends, and family to administer this life saving treatment.

Currently, Opiant is also developing treatments for cocaine use disorder, and binge eating disorder. Opiant’s naloxone nasal spray for substance use, addictive, and eating disorders has several advantages over the currently available injectable naloxone. For chronic disorders, injectable naloxone is unsuitable for non-emergency settings. If naloxone is administered orally, it metabolizes almost completely before reaching the brain, making it ineffective. Opiant’s nasal spray enables the opioid antagonist to reach the brain quickly, allowing patients to get immediate treatment as they carry out harmful impulsive or addictive behaviors. Additionally, as naloxone has a short half-life, its effects should only be felt when needed.

With its innovative opioid antagonist nasal spray technology, which could block the effects of endorphins and treat opioid overdoses, Opiant is primed to be a leader in addressing the unmet treatment needs of substance use, addictive, and eating disorders.